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How submetering works.


The responsibility of utility expenses is passed from a common area meter to another meter dedicated to each individual unit.


Unitowners/tenants gain control of their individual usage.


Encourage positive tenant behavior by charging each individual for the energy they consume.

Benefits of submetering to building owners and property managers.


First and foremost, smart submetering systems give you more insight into your electrical and water consumption. The innovation and integration of communication channels have allowed for quick access to data and the ability to make smarter decisions, faster. There is also the ability to scale the level of control offered to property managers and building owners based on individual requirements.

Control = Savings

Savings come in the form of control and responsibility. By submetering, you are delegating the control of the utility expenses from the building’s common area to each individual unit owner or tenant. Through responsible energy, water, and/or gas management, all individuals now have the ability to reduce their own costs and take responsibility.

Big DATA = Better Decisions

Access to data is invaluable. It allows for smarter and better information to guide smarter decisions. This is relevant for capital projects, as well as individual hydro, water, and gas usage. 

Simply Metering, also offers meters for various measurement and verification projects to help showcase ROI on other energy-efficiency projects.


No longer do you have to worry calculating the utility usage based on square footage, or worry about paying for your neighbour’s consumption. With a smart metering solution, you have the ability to meter and monitor usage all the way down to an individual circuit.

About Simply Metering.

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Why choose Simply Metering.

Technological Advancements

Combining over 50 years of industry sales expertise across Simply Group with the combination of in-house technical experts, we will support you through the design, and implementation process providing a turn key solution for your property

Utilizing technological advancements, combining partnerships with top manufacturers in the industry, we aim to optimize the engineering design to help reduce costs in the construction phase

Please click here for more information about M-bus vs Pulse Technology associated with water and thermal metering.

Service & Reliability

We have the ability to service our clients coast-to-coast, and through the use of technology and partnerships, we empower our clients with the tools they need to manage their utility expenses better.

Back End Support

We provide on-demand downloads of consumption data, using secured data feeds to provide insights to help improve utility usage. In addition, we provide monitoring to ensure optimum meter performance and re-certification of meters as required.

Why work with us.

Subsidized Installation

Generous installation allowances that will save you money.


Competitive rental rates for your customers.

Contract Transparency

Straight-forward and easy-to-read customer rental contracts.

Product Depth

Extensive range of energy-efficient products, from industry-leading brands.

Dedicated Support

SLAs with personalized relationships and dedicated support teams.

System Intelligence

Smart home automation packages and security monitoring.

Our process.

Our goal is to ensure a flawless end-to-end experience for both you and your Customers.

Click through our process steps for more details.

1. You Sign a Site Agreement

Clarity and transparency for you throughout the onboarding process.

2. Customer Signs Registration Form

Your customers are fully informed about their rental contract with Simply Group.

3. We Schedule the Delivery and Commissioning

We schedule delivery with your team and the commissioning of the meters prior to customers moving in.

4. You Confirm Customer Closing

Ensure homeowner closing documents are received.

5. We Send Welcome Packages

We provide your customers with upcoming details on billing, servicing and maintenance of their product.

6. We Setup Customer Billing

Enrol customer in automated billing or paper invoicing.

Our markets.


With the right metering solution, you can reduce maintenance fees, enhance condominium resale values, and have more control your operating budget.  

Providing owner’s with the ability to monitor their own usage, allows them to reduce their own consumption.  Wither you need help reviewing bylaws, owners meetings, messaging to owners & property managers, or budgeting the allocation of common areas vs suite expenses.

No matter if it is a retrofit or new construction project, we can help walk you through the process from design to implementation.

Apartment Buildings

Worried about increasing utility costs? Think your tenants are housing more people in their unit than they should be? Our electric and water meters, give you more control over your expenses, billing consumers individually according to their real usage.

Smart metering solutions help apartment building managers reduce costs while providing end-customers with control over their usage.


Are you currently assigning your utilities based on the sq footage of allocated space?  Are you currently processing the utility bills?  SMS offers a broad range of submetering options to measure water, electrical, and/or gas usage. Our goal is to help our clients gain access to information and data they did not have before.  Smarter information leads to smarter decisions.


New tenants moving in? Looking for ways to reduce your CAM?  With SMS, the journey doesn’t end when the meters are installed.  Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your submetering solution.   We also ensure that usage is paid for by the respective owners, not their neighbors.

Technology advancements and partnerships allow for other unique features such as leak detection and access to data that was previously unavailable to the market.

Industry-leading partners that we work with.

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